Scuba diving should be fun and safe, so for curious ones we offer an INTRO DIVE here in Montenegro.

During this basic diving training, a newbie diver learns the main basic skills and procedures that ensure safe diving up to 5m with one of our skilled diving instructors.

Here the review of underwater signs are shown to the inexperienced newcomer for better communication with instructor once dived in for this first time.

We also offer extra video recordings of INTRO DIVE session so that the participant can enjoy and remember how it all rolled out during this start dive. It is often interesting how people who never got to dive react once underwater. It is amazing experience for everybody to take part in our adventure scuba diving in Montenegro.

After intro dive if there is an interest the participant can get into our Diving School, guided by our instructors and get the certificate authorised by one of the two main worldwide diving associations CMAS & PADI.

For more experienced divers we offer other tours that may involve CAVEWRECK DIVING, so in our tours there is a space for all who love Fun & Adventure all in the limits of safety.
Join us today and discover for yourself what Montenegro can offer you but this time underwater!!! 🙂